12 GIFs to Get You Through The Week


Summer is at arm’s reach and that means goodbye to sleeping and hello to learning a full semester in four hours before that final exam. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. You are almost there! Here are 12 motivational GIFs to get you through these last few weeks.

1. We know you’re probably feeling like this, but don’t give up!

2. Because you’ve got this!

3. And you’re so close to being done!

4. So keep reminding yourself of how great you are!

5. And keep that coffee on standby!

6. Don’t let your professor beat you!

7. And remember that you still have time to turn things around!

8. Just stay away from procrastination!

9. And study so hard the only cheating you’ll need is more motivation!

10. Remember, finals have nothing on you!

11. So just keep thinking of how good it will feel once you’re done!

12. Now go get ’em!

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