10 Ways to Get Psyched for Game of Thrones!


The much anticipated Game of Thrones series is almost here! In ten days we will find out what really happened to Jon Snow, get a closer look at the Hall of Faces, and continue keeping up with Khaleesi. If you plan on having a GoT party or will be watching alone, here are some ways you can get way into the GoT spirit!

1. Create a Direwolf from this printable model

And we shall name him… Ghost.

2. Commemorate those we have lost

I will always miss you, Robb Stark.

3. Serve some food on this very appropriate DIY dish

Because dinner should always be coming.

4. Create your own dragon eggs

Become the ultimate mother of dragons.

5. Speaking of Khaleesi, play a game of “Who Wore It Best?”

If you’d rather not wear a dress, find some faux fur to drape over your shoulders for the ultimate Jon Snow look.

6. Scare your friends with this White Walker Juice

I’m sure it taste great but dang, those white walkers are scary, amirite?

*Also! Follow the link for 9 other GoT beverages to serve to your frenemies.

7. Or surprise your friends with this perfect array of punny snacks

I’ll take some San-Salsa and chips please!

8. Serve popcorn and make your friends choose a side

Whoever eats their popcorn the fastest wins the throne!

9. Purchase an artificial raven and add a googly eye to its forehead $_57

Find googly eyes on Amazon, here. Attach one googly eye to head of raven. Congratulations, now you have a three-eyed raven in your living room.

10. Create your own GoT table map

Very impressive and surprisingly not THAT complicated.

Whatever you do to prepare for the new season, have fun and share your best GoT party decorations with us!

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