10 Types of College Students You See on Campus

college students

1. The “I play college sports”

This is the student that owns NOTHING but what the coach gave them to wear around campus. They most likely have 20 to 25 pairs of the same short and shirt combo and wear it proudly.

2. The “leggings and a large t-shirt girl”

You can find this type of student during rush week…or any other day of the semester. They will look similar and they may be hard to tell apart from the other members of their group.

3. The “Look like they just got out of bed” student

This student is the one that appears to be late every day. Typically, they appear like the image above and will seem to be oblivious to what is going on around them for the first hour of class. This is typically not the student you want to sit next to on test day.

4. The “I wear a suit every day of school guy”

This student is one who likes dressing up for the first day of school…and made it last all year. They could be in a golf elective and still look like they are having lunch with the President right after.

5. The “yogis”

This student will hang out near the trees and glass similar to student number 6 (below). They are not shy and do not fear of doing seemingly impossible poses near everyone walking to class.

6. The “I never go to class because I’m always in a hammock”

This student may appear to be very studious, however, it seems they spend more time in the trees than actually going to class. Ensure the hammock is secure before you decide to sit under one of these adventurous students.

7. The “I’m gonna cry if I get an A-“

This student is becoming ever more common on campus. They are taught from birth to accept nothing less than a 100 and fear imprisonment and a grounding from their parents if they get lower than a 95.

8. The “C’s get Degrees”

This student is literally just in college because…well they don’t really know. This student will spend more time praying to the test gods than actually studying.

9. The “Frat Star”

This student is very easy to identify and typically will hang out in large groups. Start every greeting to them with a “brah” or “dude.” Beware, do not wear cargos around this type of student because it typically does not go well.

10. The “Old guy you thought was a teacher…buts really a student”

Finally, this type of student comes in 3 main forms.
• The “I’m working on my Doctorate”
• The “Goin’ back to school”
• The “I wanna be in college forever”

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