10 Reasons You Should Take A Nap Today


Fact: Napping is an essential part of college life. But did you know napping can actually make you smarter? Seriously, science says so. So next time you fall asleep while you’re supposed to be studying, look at the positives. Here are 10 reasons science says its ok to take a nap today (or any day for that matter).

1. Boost Productivity. Taking a short power nap will help improve your work output, which means less time studying and more time for Netflix.

2.  Say Goodbye to Stess. Dozing off for even a short period of time can help relax your mind, body and spirit. So go ahead and take a mini-vacation; you deserve it.

3. Improve Memory and Learning. Long naps that result in REM sleep have been linked to cognitive functioning, which means napping can provide some serious brain power.

4. Adjust Your Mood. Cranky after pulling an all nighter? Lift your spirits with a short, seratonin releasing siesta and you’ll be ready to hit the books again in no time.

5. Keep the Freshman 15 at Bay. Sleep deprivation can lead to making poor eating choices. Get that afternoon nap in and you’ll have a better chance of reaching for that salad come dinner time.

6. Boost Immune System. Restricting the amount of time you sleep can lower your immune system and lead to a weekend of no fun. Take a nap and give your body time to recover from the daily grind.

7. Heighten Your Senses. Napping can improve your sensory perception which means that pizza will taste better and those sunsets over Aspen will look better too.

8.  Get Creative. Need a costume for a theme party? Making a banner for the big game? Give your creative right brain a boost by taking a quick snooze and your ideas will begin to take shape.

9.  Stay Looking Young. All those late nights partying can take a toll on your body.  Catch up on your Z’s to help regenerate your skin cells and prevent aging.

10. Save Money. More naps equals less money spent on Starbucks, Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy drinks. You’re welcome.

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