10 Easy Ways to De-stress


School have you feeling stressed even though it hasn’t even started? Summer starting to slow? Don’t worry. Here are some simple things you can do to keep you ready and stress free!

1. Manage your time

The most important virtue to keeping your sanity and dropping stress levels. Wake up with plenty of time left in the day. Instead of spending four hours playing Pokemon, drop it down to one hour (unless you run a few errands in between).

2. Watch something funny

Laughter is the best medicine so get Netflix and YouTube ready, time to bring out the funny cat videos.

3. Accomplish small tasks

It’s easy to get overwhelmed so start small. Make the bed, wash those dishes, feed your pets… You can do it!

4. Go outside

Take in a deep breath of fresh air! Walk around the neighborhood and wink at all the cute people you pass.

5. Try yoga or ANY exercise

Yoga is great for letting go of stress and bringing in happy thoughts. If you’d rather not do yoga, try walking around, swimming, or even window shopping at the mall!


You’ve heard it a million times: some sleep helps! Be sure you’re getting at least 7 hours in but don’t over do it! Create a schedule.

7. Go eat with a friend

Meet someone who you can vent to about your feelings. Scared they will judge you? Practice expressing your feelings to your dog first!

8. Listen to your favorite music

Create a “feel good” playlist with all of the songs you like to sing and dance to. Be sure to keep these songs light and happy!

9. Drink enough water

Water has a variety of benefits, but most importantly staying hydrated keeps you feeling healthy and headache free! Don’t like water? Try to add some lemon or a flavor enhancer.

10. Eat healthy

When you eat good, you feel good. Check out this giant list of foods that will change your mood in no time!

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