10 Backpack Essentials


Not so fast! Are you ready for another day back at school? Here are ten things to keep with you so you can keep your sanity and keep college life on point!


Organization is key. Having an agenda or planner helps keeps your hectic schedule more organized and under control. You don’t want to be caught missing an important deadline!


Mini Stapler:

Mini staplers always come in handy. Most of your professors don’t keep staplers in the classroom anymore.

Water Bottle:

Keep a water bottle on you to stay hydrated and healthy!


There’s nothing worse than trying to turn in an assignment and your computer dies right at the deadline!

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Let’s be honest, you’re watching Netflix at the library, not studying, don’t forget your headphones.


Unfortunately it happens, we all get sick. Don’t let a headache slow you down.



Don’t be that person with the bad breath after lunch!

Hand Sanitizer:

Best way to keep clean on the go!

Pens and Pencils:

As hard as you try to avoid taking notes you know eventually you’re going to have to…


You don’t always have time to grab breakfast or stop for lunch, going hungry all day is no fun!


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